CoPhoto of Trudy Ritsemamputer training in Dorchester for small businesses.

Hello and welcome to IT Courses Dorchester!  My name is Trudy Ritsema and I am a qualified IT trainer and technology lover with over 15 years experience of teaching computers.  I offer affordable computer training in Dorchester that are taught in bite-size chunks specially designed for small businesses.

It is delivered at your office (or kitchen table!) in a non-technical, professional but fun manner.  By coming to you means you can use your own computer or device which you are already familiar with, rather than having to learn on a computer you do not know well – thus saving time. Plus there is no travel time for you. ‘Bite-size’ means you get 2 hours (or more if needed) of computer training
on the topic you need when you need it! more benefits…

I am based in Dorchester but also cover the surrounding areas.Picture of signature - Trudy

Prices from £65 a session.


Computer training available

Excel | Word | Powerpoint | Facebook | Twitter | Access | WordPress | Weebly | Websites | Using the cloud | Prezi | iPad | LinkedIn | Instagram | Dropbox more details…

Get in touch to discuss your computer training needs: email me | 07581 458326 |


Bite-size IT tips and news

Photo of a keyboard


Today my daughter had to create a password for something she was doing online. The first thing that came into her head was to use the name of her guinea pig “Ginger”. Noooooo! came my reply, and there started my “talk” on the importance of using passwords that cannot be guessed. I have put a […]

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picture of the iTunes logo

The digital after life!

Did you know you do not ‘own’ the music you download from iTunes? So what happens to your downloaded music if you pass away? Or what happens to your Facebook account or other social media accounts when you die? They don’t just get deleted.  What about any of your other accounts online – does anyone […]

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Photo of child using an iPad

Guided access on the iPad

This week a friend of my sisters asked me about “locking down” the iPad so that her young son could only play with the app he was in. This would stop him accidently delete precious photos or worse accidently posting them on Facebook! The answer is YES! So I am posting an Information Sheet on […]

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